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We are your partner in your online presence

We help companies, organisations and individuals to improve their online presence. We do this out of the conviction that the Internet should be a safe and rewarding place. Join us today and contribute to a fairer, safer and greener world.

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Privacy, Europe and Proxeuse, connected at heart

We care about your privacy. We therefore make every effort to transmit and store data securely. That is why all Proxeuse servers are located in data centers in the European Union. The region with very high appreciation for privacy and with the strictest regulations. Of course we act on this; we apply several different technical measures to ensure the safety of your data.

Privacy Measures
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Green, greener and greenest

We think about the future. That is why we are doing everything we can to reduce our footprint. We do this concretely by structurally donating 2.5% of our monthly turnover to the Stripe Climate initiative. Stripe Climate invests on behalf of us and tens of thousands of other companies in ways to remove CO2 from our atmosphere. Our production servers are also powered exclusively by electricity that is generated by 100% renewable sources, which means only wind, solar and hydropower.

How and why we contribute
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High availability and international network

Together with our partners, we are constantly improving our network. We have direct connections to major Internet hubs throughout Europe and beyond. In addition, our servers are subject to digital and physical security. Servers are monitored 24/7 and in case of a power failure the data centre automatically switches over to multiple fully autonomous power generators.

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Together we form a strong team

We are committed to the next generation and to non-profit associations. We support young people who have an innovative idea but lack the financial means or knowledge to make their idea a reality. For associations, we offer a discounted rate to ensure a smooth start or continuation. It goes without saying that we are here for everyone else as well. We think along with you about your project(s) and assist you where necessary or desired.

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We offer a wide range of services and are constantly expanding it. In developing each service, we take into account our core values of privacy, quality and environmental friendliness. Of course, user-friendliness and accessibility are also key development points.


Webhosting on European servers which magnificently scales with your project. Thanks to the Plesk control panel, webhosting is an ideal choice for starters and those who have years of experience in webhosting.



Domain names are the key to your online findability. Our domain name portfolio covers almost 1600 domain extensions. From traditional extensions like .com or .net to new ones like .email or .io. Proxeuse offers them all.

Domain Names

Premium DNS Hosting

Anycast DNS hosting of the very highest quality co-hosted by one of the world's most renowned digital security companies. Deploy your DNS zone to the global network within minutes.

Premium DNS Hosting


We support you in setting up and/or maintaining your WordPress website and offer a place to host it safely and quickly. We are happy to share our 8 years of experience with you.



Laravel is a modern PHP framework in which any application can be built. Specific dream too complicated for existing software systems? Laravel is the way out.


Docker Containers

Containerization is booming. Therefore, we will soon offer hosting Docker Containers or Stacks in conjunction with our hosting packages. Get ready for the future.

Docker Containers


We value our customers highly. Therefore, we also ask you to provide us with feedback so that we can always improve our services. Do you have any problems? No need to worry, our technical support is always there for you!

The Nextcloud beta works amazingly thank you guys for the amazing support.

Proxeuse has a pleasant way of thinking with the customer. It only took a few consultation sessions to turn a concept plan into a working website. Excellent service.

Great module and amazing support. That is all I need.

Software & Products


We offer various (public) APIs that you can use in your website or application. We dedicate all our resources to developing useful APIs in a secure way with privacy in mind. With virtually 100% uptime, you can implement our APIs without any unpleasant surprises.

API Offerings

WHMCS Modules

We have years of experience in developing and maintaining modules for WHMCS. Benefit from automated business processes today by installing our modules in your system. Always open source, without a mandatory connection to our servers.

Our WHMCS Modules


OpenHAS is a modern application that should make automating an Internet business significantly easier. It is currently being developed by a team within Proxeuse and will be launched open-source.



We are constantly working on improving existing software solutions but we also love to introduce brand new ones. Stay tuned.


We help you achieve better results without having to make compromises

Proxeuse supports you with the development of your new website and makes sure that it will do well in the search results of Google. At the same time we take care of your privacy, deal with your hosting needs and protect the climate.

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