Quality Hosting

"We are Proxeuse. We are a hosting company that focuses on quality and privacy."


Privacy is an important core value of Proxeuse, we will always do everything we can to protect your data.


Quality is important to Proxeuse. Our customer service is of a high level and our hosting services are one of the best.


We want to make the internet safer and better for everyone. Take part in this ambition today by supporting us.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services. We can therefore select the best hosting method for your situation. You can order any service you require, in this way we can offer you a All-in-one solution. Everything under one roof.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most chosen form of hosting, it offers an excellent price / quality ratio. With every package you receive everything you need to get started with your website, the Plesk control panel, free SSL certificates and more.

Reseller Hosting

Start your own hosting company with the Reseller Hosting packages from Proxeuse. As a Reseller you can offer your clients Shared Hosting while we take care of the infrastructure and hosting. Your customers get access to the Plesk control panel with all the free extras that we offer our customers.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a powerful server that you can set to your own preferences. Choose a VPS if you want to be in control but do not want to be bothered by the maintenance sensitivity of a Dedicated Server. VPS servers are easily upgradeable and can be copied so that you have an exact copy.

Cloud Storage*

The Proxcloud is a cloud solution from Proxeuse. It is based on Nextcloud and is therefore actively developed and secured. In the online panel you get access to your email, contacts, agenda, files and photos. In short, a complete cloud solution with privacy in mind.

Minecraft Hosting**

Proxcraft is a hosting solution that everyone can use. The simplicity with which you can set up a Minecraft Server is exceptional. Your Minecraft Server runs within 5 minutes and is available to everyone in the world. What are you waiting for?


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What is a Nameserver?

A nameserver translates domain names into IP addresses. If someone types a domain name in their browser, their computer will ask the nameserver which IP…

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The customer experience is very important to us. We try to excel in support, quality and privacy-friendliness. Without your feedback we can never get better and learn from our mistakes. Therefore, read the experiences and any feedback from our customers.

"Professional and quick answer to all my questions. Good advice."
"Proxeuse thinks along with the customer in a pleasant way. It only took a few consultation sessions to turn a draft plan into a working website. Excellent service."
"Very fast hosting, good customer service and a great customer portal."
"Great young entrepreneur"
"We want to contribute to a better and safer internet."
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