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We'd like to introduce ourselves

Hey! We are Proxeuse, founded in 2018 and based in the amazing country of the Netherlands. At first, we started developing WordPress websites for local businesses, foundations and individuals. Since then, we have grown into an international company, offering services and products for everyone.

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An eye for detail and for you

At Proxeuse, we always work with an eye for detail. Our services are of high quality and we think that is important, by doing so we improve our own position but also help our clients move forward. We like to immerse ourselves in the cases of our clients, which enables us to provide better advice and ultimately leads to a better product or service.

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Here for the next generations

Climate warming is an internationally recognized problem. We are now at the point of no return, we need to act now. Proxeuse is also doing its part in preventing the earth from warming up. We work exclusively with 100% renewable energy from sun, wind or hydro. Furthermore, we have been a Stripe Climate Partner since 2021.

But we do more!
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Extensive and high speed European network

Proxeuse's infrastructure is primarily designed for the European market. Our data centers have huge links to major international Internet hubs such as AMS-IX and DE-CIX. This allows us to guarantee fast loading times for every user, even outside of Europe.

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Founded with privacy-by-design

From the beginning, we at Proxeuse have been working on ways to ensure the privacy of our customers. For example, we solely work with open-source software whenever possible, we try to avoid American or Chinese software vendors by looking for European alternatives and we apply encryption in every conceivable area of operation.

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Future-Proof with Modern Standards

The Internet only works because of the correct implementation of Web standards that have been innovating since the Internet's inception. We innovate with them and therefore actively contribute to keeping our customers and employees safe. We actively adopted IPv6, WebAuthn, 2FA, DNSSEC and many more in our business.

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Meet Us

We have much more to say about ourselves but we are even more curious to hear your story. What do you want to do? How do you expect us to help? Feel free to contact us; we'd just love to hear from you.

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