We're a company with special ambitions.

Proxeuse is a hosting company that does not advertise with the lowest possible prices. We are a company that goes a little further than normal service for your hosting, we offer an extensive customer service that will always help you solve your questions. No extra costs, no long waiting times and often response within 3 hours.

Always online is also a requirement of a good hosting provider, isn't it? No hassle with SLAs and uptime guarantees, just always in the air and if maintenance is needed on the servers you will be notified on time. Even with the possibility to have your website work somewhere else especially for those few hours.

You don't have to worry about billing from us either. We will send you an email two weeks before the end of your service with the message that an invoice has been created for the relevant services. If we do not receive a response, we will send you a message via WhatsApp, SMS and we'll maybe even call you. Paying is easy via the customer portal and is possible via PayPal, Credit Cards (from MasterCard and VISA), SOFORT, GiroPay and much more.

Our data centers are connected to the largest internet nodes in Europe and they are in turn connected to all international nodes. As a result, you have the lowest possible loading time all over the world and your customers will enjoy a super fast website.

Climate neutral hosting, standard. Yes, Proxeuse is also a climate neutral company. All our data centers are connected to wind turbines and solar parks. No polluting coal plants or gas plants. Only in the event of a power failure will the data centers switch to emergency power from diesel generators.

All servers are equipped with hardware from recognized companies such as Samsung, Kingston and Intel. Reliable and good. All software have been professionally developed by parties such as Plesk, WHMCS, cPanel, NextCloud and more. OpenSource or not, always up-to-date with automatic updates on all our servers.

Dissatisfied with our services. Almost impossible, but Proxeuse also offers a money back guarantee. If you let us know within 14 days that you are not very satisfied with the services we provide, we will refund your money. No hassle, just a question: "Why?"


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“We are aware of the market and are slightly above the prices of budget parties. But we also offer something else. Our service and accessibility is better. Always is not enough”
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