Illustration of a windmill used for electricity production

We love renewable

All of our production servers run on 100% renewable energy. This includes only solar, wind and hydro power. We thus minimize our carbon footprint while supporting extra investments in renewable energy sources. Our office has its own solar panels that supply a large part of our electricity usage. We also try to power our development and backup servers with green energy but unfortunately this depends on several factors and we cannot guarantee it.

Illustration of three characters tweaking the spinning of several gears with a laptop and hands

We are committed to efficiency

Our infrastructure is set up with hardware that can handle energy as efficiently as possible. In addition, we configure our software in a way that, as soon as less computing power is needed, we also use less energy. We consider this to be a win-win scenario.

Illustration of a character on a bike with a clean air city on the background

We are true Dutchmen

And that includes taking many trips by bicycle. Good for the climate and for the health of our people. For longer distances, we strongly prefer (international) public transport to cars or planes. We encourage everyone to take the bike more often and take a walk in nature during breaks.

Illustration of a globe with a recycling icon on top and several leaves and trees on the background

We recycle, but prevent having to

Proxeuse only buys products that have proven their quality and therefore last a long time. We counter consumerism and try to repair if something breaks. Then, if something does turn out to be unrepairable, it is properly recycled

Logo of the Stripe Climate Program

Stripe Climate Partner

From the very beginning, we have been a Stripe Climate Partner. On behalf of Proxeuse, they invest 2.5% of our total sales in removing CO2 from the atmosphere with modern technologies. In the near future we're planning on partnering with more organisations to counter climate change.

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