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Proxeuse monitors the status of its infrastructure 24 hours a day. Should an incident occur, our experts are quite literally shaken out of their beds by alerts. We monitor the status of our storage drives, data traffic, processes and suspicious login attempts. In the background, systems like Fail2Ban and ModSecurity are also running. Obviously, we regularly scan for viruses and malware.

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Data Backup

It is crucial that any data you entrust to us is kept in a secure manner. That's why, at Proxeuse, we work on full backups that are made of our servers every night. We do this both by means of a replica and by means of off-site backups to another data center. We thereby guarantee that we can always return to a safe and operative state.

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Physical Protection

Not only digital security is important. At Proxeuse's partners, they are aware of this. For example, the data centers are equipped with 24/7 physical monitoring for unwanted visitors but also for the occurrence of possible fires. In addition, the data centers are equipped with UPS batteries that can immediately take over the power supply in the event of a power outage. In that interim period, the diesel generators are started up that continue to supply the data center with power. We can tell you much more about this. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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DDoS Protection

Nothing is more annoying than to hear that all services are down because of a nasty individual on the Internet. At Proxeuse, we work with both software and hardware solutions to counter DDoS attacks. Consequently, neither we, nor our customers, have ever been affected by DDoS attacks.

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The Network Itself

These lists are just a small sampling of our range of connections. Please request a complete list from our customer service department.

Peering Points

Partner Bandwidth Location
DE-CIX 1300 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
AMS-IX 400 GBit/s Amsterdam (NL)
PITER-IX 200 GBit/s Helsinki (FI)
LINX 200 GBit/s London (GB)
VIX 200 GBit/s Vienna (AT)
France-IX 100 GBit/s Paris (FR)

Private Peerings

Partner Bandwidth Location
Google 1400 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
OVH 600 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
Cloudflare 400 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
Amazon 400 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
Google 300 GBit/s Stockholm (SE)
Vodafone 200 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
Microsoft 200 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
Scaleway 200 GBit/s Nuremberg (DE)


Partner Bandwidth Location
Telia 900 GBit/s Nuremberg (DE)
Core-Backbone 900 GBit/s Nuremberg (DE)
Lumen 400 GBit/s Falkenstein (DE)
TATA 400 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
GTT 400 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
NTT 400 GBit/s Frankfurt (DE)
Telia 400 GBit/s Helsinki (FI)
Lumen 200 GBit/s Ashburn (US)