Illustration of two characters putting a large key in a lock

2FA, SSO and WebAuthn

Within the organization, we use centralized authentication via reputable authentication and authorization protocols such as OAuth2 (OIDC), SAML and LDAP as much as possible. We link software solutions to our central system where 2FA is mandatory for all employees and strongly advised for customers. Both employees and customers also have the option of working with passwordless login through WebAuthn and Passkeys. We've made the future a reality.

Illustration of two characters streaming from the cloud where one is using IPv6 and the other is using IPv4


Back in 2011 the first regional internet registry run out of unique IPv4 addresses and the other regions followed within a couple of years. This exhaustion is why the development of IPv6 began decades ago. Still there are many ISPs and other companies that do not set up their infrastructure to use IPv6. By contrast, we have set up our infrastructure to support IPv6. Our web, mail, and dns servers are all capable of dual-stack connections over IPv4 and IPv6.

Illustration of a character behind a large shield


DNSSEC is an important standard to prevent malicious users from performing a man-in-the-middle attack or using DNS spoofing. At Proxeuse, we recognize the importance of this standard and therefore we are actively working to secure all domain names in our portfolio with DNSSEC. We also encourage our customers who do not use our domain services to set up DNSSEC and provide support for this as well.

Illustration of a character in front of a large envelope with a downloaded and received symbol


DMARC, DKIM and SPF are protocols that prevent random people from sending emails on your behalf. Email servers of recipients automatically check with our servers if the email comes from an authenticated source. Proxeuse applies these protocols by default, clients don't have to set anything for this but they do have the freedom to make changes to the policy.

Illustration of a guage on a computer screen

HTTP/2 and TLSv1.3

Proxeuse strongly supports the rapid implementation of new protocols such as HTTP/2.0 and TLSv1.3 as they significantly improve the speed, security and availability of the Internet. That is why we implement new protocols as soon as they become available, of course after extensive testing.