Network Switch

IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) the predecessor of IPv6 was already taken into use in 1981. Since that time, the internet has changed dramatically, almost the entire world nowadays has access to an internet connection. More and more devices are connected to that internet, from a computer to your smart thermostat. All these devices need an Internet address where the rest of the internet can recognize your device. In recent years, the internet has grown so fast that the outdated IPv4 protocol no longer has enough room, a temporary solution (NAT) has been developed by the international internet industry. These standards have become obsolete over the years and the ‘old internet’ needs to be replaced. This is where IPv6 comes in. This standard has been marked as a replacement for IPv4 since 1998, but implementation of the protocol is very difficult in the Netherlands.

The slow implementation of IPv6 may be harmful to the Dutch economy in the longer term. This is because IPv4 and IPv6 do not cooperate with each other, as it were two versions of the internet are created. It is therefore of great importance that your website is prepared for the future. More and more providers, including Proxeuse, therefore offer IPv4 and IPv6 next to each other. Users with an older IPv4 connection will receive the same website as users with a modern IPv6 connection, that’s what we take care of. Make sure today that your website can be reached via both IPv4 and IPv6, opt for Proxeuse’s IPv6-ready hosting and your website can be reached both via IPv4 and IPv6 in no time.

If your website is not available for users with an IPv6 connection only, your website will not be visible to the end user. Especially end users in developing countries such as countries in Africa, India and China will be bothered by this, but in the future also users from developed countries will only get an IPv6 connection from their internet provider. By choosing IPv6 now you ensure that your website is available for the whole world, it costs nothing extra so switch today!