In these changing times, your privacy is of enormous importance. Just think of all the foreign services you might use every day…

We will help you out with a small list: Gmail, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. What do these companies have in common? They are lax with your privacy and as American companies, they are subject to the Patriot Act which is a nightmare for your privacy.

Independence from foreign software and intelligence services is extremely important for your privacy but can also act as a safeguard for democracy.

Proxeuse works with European* and open-source software as much as possible. All our servers are located in data centres of hosting companies in the European Union. Strict European legislation ensures that your data is handled properly. This approach ensures that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

*We cannot guarantee that only European software runs on our servers. However, we do our utmost to choose the most privacy-friendly solution.

Enormously important


Our Contribution


Proxeuse does not only think about turnover and profit. We care about our customers and the environment. That is one of the reasons why our servers are placed in data centres that are 100% powered by green energy. This power is really green because it comes from hydroelectric plants and windmills.

Proxeuse, in cooperation with Stripe, contributes 1% of your purchase* to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. This contribution allows Stripe to invest in companies that have developed technologies to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere and offers them the opportunity to implement their techniques on a larger scale. More information can be found on the Stripe website.

*Purchases with PayPal or cryptocurrency excluded.

High quality is in our DNA. We work with software from reputable companies/developers and we work with one of Europe’s largest and best hosting companies. Free DDoS protection is always included with our services which optimizes your uptime.

Because of these measures, we offer our customers an uptime guarantee of 99.5% and you on average will experience less downtime.

Our customer service is always available and has long opening hours. You will receive an answer to a support ticket within 12 hours, but often much faster, especially when it comes to high priority tickets.

Have you lost data? Or have you been hacked? We can help you restore a backup up to 2 times a month free of charge. Backups are stored on servers outside the network of our main data centres for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 30 days.

Quite Important

High Quality

Words from CEO

History and Future


Proxeuse started as a company that only developed websites for a number of small customers. Since the unofficial establishment in January 2017, I have developed an idea to host my clients’ websites myself. I went to investigate. I ended up with Reseller Hosting and entered into a contract with a hosting provider. I also registered my company at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. When the contract expired, I entered into an agreement with another hosting provider for a VPS. Since the end of 2019, all websites and other services run on a number of dedicated servers and this runs smoothly. Because we now have Dedicated Servers, we also sell services such as VPS, Minecraft Hosting and more. In the future I hope to open my own data center(s) and help the world a little from there. Will you help with this dream?


Dutch Flag waving in the Wind

Dutch Flag

"Knowledgeable and quick answers to all my questions. Good advice."
"Proxeuse thinks along with the customer in a pleasant way. Only a few consultation sessions were needed to turn a draft plan into a working website. Excellent service."
"Very fast hosting, Good customer support and a great customer area."
"Company for high quality and low price hosting. Always innovative and trying to keep its systems up to date. 5/5"

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