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Webhosting by Proxeuse is the most accessible way to start a website or continue it in an cost-effective way. We support the latest software standards and only offer supported versions. We work around the clock to improve stability and quality. We offer support to install WordPress, the most used web platform in the world, in one click. This enables you to start creating your website within 5 minutes.

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Domain Names

Your fame on the world wide web starts with a domain name that matches your company, project or organization. The domain name is your key to success. At Proxeuse we offer 1600 domain extensions to reflect your ideal name. Will you choose an .eu or .com or go completely modern with an .io or .amsterdam? Our domain names are always registered in real time so you can be an owner within minutes.

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DNS Hosting

The Domain Name System is the backbone of a user-friendly World Wide Web. It is therefore crucial that you make your infrastructure resilient. With our premium DNS hosting, you take care of this. Our partner Sectigo has built a global DNS network that ranks among the world's 3 best. Deploy your DNS zone around the world within a couple of minutes and reduce your DNS resolver response time by up to 10x.

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Docker Hosting

Containerisation is an increasingly common technology. It provides easy access to scale control, management and changes. Docker is ideally suited to manage containers, which is why it is the world's most chosen technology. Start managing your systems in containers today using our practical and beautiful Portainer control panel.

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Laravel Development

Laravel is the most popular PHP programming framework and for good reason. Laravel offers endless possibilities to set up even very complicated applications. Although the framework is very comprehensive, it can also be overwhelming. We have years of experience in developing Laravel applications and would love to put that experience to work for your project. We also have the experience to host your application.

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WordPress Development

WordPress is the most widely used platform for blogging and website building worldwide. We have specialised in rapid development of good websites and hosting of very high quality. If you are looking for a personal website or one for your organisation, WordPress is definitely worth considering.

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We ❤️ the environment

Proxeuse runs all production servers on 100% renewable energy. We have our own solar panels and our data centres have contracts with solar, wind or hydropower suppliers. We are contributing to a better world now and for our descendants. Join us today! In fact, we will donate 2.5% of your order to the removal of CO2 from the air.

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