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WHMCS Modules

WHMCS is an incredibly comprehensive software package for automating a hosting business. However, in some areas it lacks integrations with certain payment providers, hosting panels or is otherwise lacking in functionality. With modules developed by us, we further complement WHMCS and make it more complete than ever.

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APIs are the foundation of contemporary society. They enable computer systems to interact with each other and are therefore crucial. Proxeuse offers several REST APIs (to customers) that allow different actions to be automated. We also provide publicly accessible APIs for QR generation or profile avatars, for example.

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Logo of OpenHAS


OpenHAS stands for Open Source Hosting Automation Software and aims to launch a modern automation platform for the Internet industry. With OpenHAS, Internet companies can automate their business processes. A team from Proxeuse is working on the development of OpenHAS. The progress can be followed on GitHub and soon on their own website.

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