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"We're Proxeuse. Our hosting company offers high quality services with privacy in mind."


We understand that you want to remain the owner of your and your client’s data. Therefore, we take appropriate measures to protect your privacy. 


We believe that everyone benefits from providing high quality services. That is something we strive for. Our customer service is always at your disposal to solve possible problems.


We are dedicated to contributing to making the Internet better for everyone. We do this by supporting open-source software, implementing internet-security protocols and more.

About Us

Our company was founded in August 2018 and has grown into what we are today. Since August 24th 2019 we operate under the name Proxeuse. We have focused on the quality and privacy-friendliness of our services ever since.

We use as much open-source software as possible to guarantee the security of your data. Besides, all our data centres are in Europe and are therefore covered by the GDPR. We operate from the Netherlands (better known as Holland) and our services are therefore subject to Dutch law. One of the most modern and progressive in the world.

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99.5% Uptime Guarantee

Our hosting services are almost never offline, and if they are, we fix the problems as soon as possible. This results in hardly any downtime.

Products & Services

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a good choice for everyone. It offers excellent value for money and is a complete system. Starting at only €2.50 per month.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is a good choice for anyone who operates multiple websites or offers clients hosting services. Starting at €15 per month.

Cloud Hosting

Free cloud storage in our privacy-friendly cloud. 100% Hosted in Europe and based on open-source software. Premium plans starting at €0,99 per month.

Domain Names

A huge range of domain extensions. We offer free WHOIS privacy protection for all eligible TLDs. Now starting at only €0.99 per year!


Not the know-how to create a website yourself? Let us do it. With more than 10 years of experience you are guaranteed to get the result you want.

100% green energy.
0% CO2 emissions.

Our hosting servers are powered by hydropower, solar energy and/or wind power. We think that’s the least we can do for the environment.


We fully support HTTP/2 which provides a huge speed boost compared to the HTTP/1.1 protocol.

DDoS Protection

Our servers run Fail2Ban, ModSecurity and a Firewall. Our datacenter is also equipped with hardware from Arbor and Juniper to prevent or weaken DDoS attacks.

SSD NVMe Drives

Our hosting servers* are equipped with NVMe SSD drives. These ensure a reliable and enormously fast data transfer and storage.


Our customer service is always happy to help you solve any problems you may have. We're open more often than we are closed, so we'll help you as soon as possible.

Top Quality

We only operate with the best hardware and software. We update our systems regularly. This way we assure you of high uptime and abnormal speeds.


Where possible, we will use (End-to-End) encryption, which makes sending and storing your data a lot safer. Obviously we also use SSL certificates on all our websites.

Full IPv6 Support

Our servers all have IPv6 addresses. This makes us ready for the future of the internet. Of course you are also always accessible over IPv4.

Free Cloud

With all our services you will receive free 25GB of storage space in our Proxcloud (worth €1.49 per month). Our cloud is privacy friendly and user friendly. More information.

We operate with Love

We operate with passion and love for our customers. We try to be in your shoes to better understand your situations. Will you give us back your love?

* Proxcloud servers may run on HDD drives. These servers are only meant to store large amounts of data and thus don’t need enormous data transfer speeds.

14 days money back guarantee.

We dare to say with certainty that you will enjoy our hosting services. Are you not satisfied? Then we’ll make sure you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Please note, however, that the money back guarantee does not apply to domain names, ssl certificates, web development and other custom made services/products.


We try to post a regular blog post to keep you up to date on developments about the internet. We believe it is important that our customers are aware of new technologies and what they can do to implement them. In this way we try to make the internet safer and better bit by bit.


The customer experience is very important to us. We try to excel in support, quality and privacy-friendliness. Without your feedback we can never get better and learn from our mistakes. Therefore, read the experiences and any feedback from our customers.

"Professional and quick answer to all my questions. Good advice."
"Proxeuse thinks along with the customer in a pleasant way. It only took a few consultation sessions to turn a draft plan into a working website. Excellent service."
"Very fast hosting, good customer service and a great customer portal."
"Great young entrepreneur"
"We want to contribute to a better and safer internet."

Roel Reijneveld (CEO) in 2018

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